Past Performance

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Past performance is a clear indicator of present abilities. I am proud of the work I have performed for my clients. From technical writing, to proposal writing, to article writing, I have proven my abilities as a competent writer who delivers what she promises.

I have written proposals valued between $66,000 and $935 Million. 

My experience in producing successful proposals spans many years and crosses several industries. I get to know my clients and I present my clients as the competent professionals that they are. I take a personal interest in helping my clients make the best presentation they can and prove that they can meet or exceed expectations. My proposal writing includes the accomplishments that follow.

  • Prepared a detailed feasibility study report valued at $585,000 for procuring an eDiscovery solution to enhance insurance fraud investigation. The report included an introduction to eDiscovery, discussion of the industry standard, Electronic Discovery Reference Model, and discussion of why common tools for storing information do not provide the necessary capability of pattern searching through electronically stored information that legal investigators need.
  • Contributed content and project management plan for winning bid that was selected in response to a state request for proposals valued at $66,000. I was given a tight deadline and cost cap to prepare a project management plan with some marketing for why this vendor was better than the rest.
  • Prepared a feasibility study report valued at $278,000 to procure a server and storage area network that support HIPAA IT compliance, disaster recovery planning, and contingency planning. The client’s data back-up and storage system exposed patient data to risks that could subject the client to liability under HIPAA if a data disaster occurred.
  • Wrote the winning bid in response to CMAS request for proposals valued at $110,000, this was the vendor’s first winning bid and was the highest bid and it required a secondary review before being approved. The average vendor bid was $95,000 but I marketed the vendor as better the competition for its demonstrated ability to satisfy specific goals of the project.
  • Prepared a feasibility study report that received funding for a state agency valued at $6.4 Million in response to US DOJ remediation plan with the State of California to help the state comply with HIPAA, CRIPA, and litigation agreement in the management of state hospitals. The agency had made several failed attempts to receive funding and my report received the necessary funding within two weeks of being submitted to the Department of Finance.
  • Wrote a successful business plan to win a startup business $1 Million in investment capital. The business owner had experience as an internet service provider and was building a remote network monitoring service. I showed that the business could provide the services promised and meet its five-year projected financial expectations.
  • Edited pre-feasibility study valued at $665-935 Million investment for Philippines-based Ni/Co mining project. This large, multi-national feasibility study contained content from seven engineers in several countries. It considered the environmental impact of the mining operation and the financial benefit for the countries and companies involved.

I have produced extensive work within Information Technology Business Analysis and Technical Writing.

  • Analyzed as-is business processes for data centers and data processing business units. Made business process reengineering recommendations to streamline and improve quality of work produced by data processing teams.
  • Wrote user manuals, specifications documents, system administration documents, and many other types of documents to support information technology operations and processes.
  • Served as a project manager for application development, data center operations, documentation, training, and business analysis. Developed many project plans to support projects of varying sizes and durations.
  • Produced AFIS training manual for NEC under very tight deadline to train police. Developed templates to produce many more training manuals for customized AFIS workstations. Managed upwards of 18 documentation projects at a time.
  • Developed preliminary marketing proposal for biometrics technology.
  • Produced training materials for many clients that covered systems operations, web development, and help desk support.
  • Developed policies and procedures for several clients to cover a variety of management concerns that include phone etiquette, password management, trouble escalation, and office procedures.
  • Provided help desk metrics analysis to improve customer support, workload management, and help desk management reports.

I have engaged in General Interest Writing Projects.

  • I wrote an exposé on the FBI’s decade’s long investigation of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA).
  • I have written articles and blog posts that concern animal interests, training, care, and enjoyment of animals.
  • I have produced newsletter templates for clients, provided volunteer graphic design services for non-profit organizations, and completed other informal pieces of writing.
  • In my spare time, I write résumés and produce other types of writing and editing.
  • I blog and engage in discussions on social media that range in topics and include issues of animal law, women’s health, capital punishment, and social issues.
  • My personal writing projects include both fiction and non-fiction writing.