The blogger with cartoon-colored hair and her “musings” about Daniel Wozniak

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With a wild, wide-opened-eyed gaze and cartoon colored hair, she has developed a small following on social media blogging about her infatuation with heinous, brutal murderer, Daniel Patrick Wozniak. Wozniak brutally murdered Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi May 21, 2010. He enlisted the help of his then fiancée, Rachel Buffet, to lie for him, and the help of his brother, Tim Wozniak, to hide evidence. Prosecutor Matt Murphy won the death penalty conviction against Wozniak and said of Wozniak that he was the “poster boy” for the death penalty.

She calls her Twitter account, MurdererMusings, her blog is Daniel Wozniak Is My Friend as is her Facebook page, and an old blog of hers is, My Friend is a Murderer? Her blog reads like that of a naïve 12 year-old girl’s crush on a school boy but the “boy” in this case is a murderer who has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people. She is enthusiastic about her obsession with Wozniak and describes Wozniak in ways of an endearing person. She says she wants to “show a human side” to the murderer that she said many times is thought of as a “monster.”

Her name is Glendele Way-Agle. She is the wife of Orange County artist, Josh Agle, who goes by the nickname, Shag. His nickname is based on the middle four letters of his name. Shag is a prolific artist whose home is reviewed almost as often as his art. One article from 2005 stated of Shag, “The artist’s life revolves around his wife, Glendele, son Zach, 3, and daughter Zoey, 7, in their ’60s-style home in Lemon Heights.”

Glendele, like the murderous couple, Daniel Wozniak and Rachel Buffet, has worked in Orange County community theater. Most notable is her work with the now defunct Hunger Artists Theatre Company that put on the production of Nine, starring Wozniak during the murders. Many people in the area theater community know about her blog and say they are sickened by it and they have said they do not want their names public.

Glendele began her first blog to the murderer in January 2015 along with a Twitter account. In her early posts, she used pseudonyms for the victims and their murderer. She called Wozniak by a normal name, Pat. Glendele’s “names” for Sam and Julie bordered on demeaning, calling Sam, “The Vet,” and Julie, “Tutor Girl.” As her blog and the case progressed, she began to reveal more information. She began a new blog with the domain name,

Glendele’s blog dedicated to grisly murderer, Daniel Wozniak, is built in Wordpress and managed by Matthew Wayne Selznick, who also edits content and sends email from the blog. Matthew boasts that he has written songs, a couple of novels, and some short stories. Matt links Glendele's blog to his work portfolio website and lists Glendele as one of his clients for his services of creative coaching, developmental editing, copy editing, content management, social media management, and general consulting. Glendele's blog is sometimes painful to read because Glendele’s “musings” about Wozniak become obsequious and she downplays his disgusting acts of murder to such a degree that Wozniak is elevated as a charming and giving person, while his victims and their families are nearly ignored. Other matters of the blog are hard to follow because of the childlike tone of the writing and various spelling, homophonic, and grammatical errors that would inspire grammar police to want to make an arrest. Like using “wave” for “waive” and “grizzly” for “grisly.”

On the blog, Glendele, has taken joy in the attention that she received from producers for Dateline, 20/20, and 48Hours. She has defended Wozniak and raised defenses for him that contradict facts and contradict the admissions made by the defense. She suggested “misconduct” that never occurred in the handling of Wozniak. She maligned victim, Sam Herr, suggesting that he “walked free” from a murder charge in an old case where Sam was acquitted of any crime.

Glendele questioned why Sam’s father Steve Herr would want to talk to Wozniak. She posted a “private response” to Steve on her blog for the public to read. Steve had posted to her on Facebook that Wozniak confessed the murders to him. Glendele responded by questioning the authenticity of Wozniak’s confession to the father a man who he brutally murdered. She asked, “Is it at all possible that Daniel told you what you wanted to hear?”

In a cold, unsympathetic, and callous disregard for the grieving father’s emotions and for the emotions of anyone close to the victims who may read her blog, Glendele said to Steve Herr in her “private response” in a public forum, “I can assure you that Daniel prays for you and your family and all the people who have been effected by these murders. He prays for your health and peace. He also hopes that something good will eventually come out of all of the bad.” There is no solace in knowing that a murderer wants his act of heinous murder to be “good.” She closed her “private response” by saying, “I do have tremendous sympathy for you and your family.” Despite her statement, such sympathy has not been shown on her blog.

Posts on Glendele’s blog often describe the difficulty that Wozniak has in jail and now in San Quentin. In jail, she described how it was hard for him to avoid drugs because so many people had drugs. She recently wrote about the things he missed having last Christmas, like decorating for the holidays. She mentioned a long list of her favorite holiday movies and the movies that Wozniak watched. She said that he missed seeing his family and that this was the first Christmas since his dad passed away last year. As a minor footnote, she mentioned the pain that the families of Sam and Julie have experienced since their brutal and disgusting murders.

One recent post by Glendele, was first called, “Daniel Wozniak Rescues Bird” but the title was changed to, “Bye Bye Birdie.” The post describes how Wozniak saw a bird in the exercise yard where Wozniak was placed that day. The bird was either injured or a fledgling learning to fly. Either way, the best thing for that bird would be to leave it alone and let the other birds in its flock care for it. Glendele tells how Wozniak chased the bird around the yard until it was too tired to escape. He then shoved the bird in his pocket and tried to take it back to his cell. Guards rescued the bird from Wozniak when they handcuffed him to return him to his cell. Glendele tells the story of Wozniak tormenting this small animal as though it was a charming anecdote about Wozniak and says he was “trying to rescue a baby bird.” Perhaps he was trying to test the limits of what he can do on San Quentin’s Condemned Row.

An “Unhealthy Obsession”

In the first version of her blog before getting her own web domain, Glendele described her obsession with dangerous killers, serial killers, and true crime stories. She said of herself, “So, I have this (possibly unhealthy) obsession with crimes and killers, and BAM: here is a possible killer who I’ve actually met!!”

Glendele has performed tasks for Wozniak in addition to defending him on her blog. She has taken him news stories. She picked up and delivered eyeglasses for one of Wozniak’s friends in jail at Wozniak’s request. She brought him a review of his performance in Nine; there were three reviews of the performance the night between the two murders. In some of her posts in social media, Glendele mentions ignoring one of her two children to flirt with Dan. She advocates for him on her blog and shares what he wants to say. She wrote about a television producer buying her lunch to talk to her and then said that Wozniak told her he set up the lunch date, saying, “On the telephone later, Daniel joked that this was the only way he could “buy me lunch.””

On Twitter, Glendele has gushed over Wozniak and made several flattering and sometimes bizarre tweets about her obsession, Wozniak, back when she still called him, Pat.

  • @MurdererMusings 13 Feb 2015, In a good mood. Visited Pat today! #jailvisit #orangejumpsuitscanbecute
  • @MurdererMusings 31 Mar 2015, "Risking it all for love" - This is irony at its best #lovecrime
  • @MurdererMusings 24 Apr 2015, Helping my kid with homework while on the phone with my #inmate. Use #transgression in a sentence.

Criticism about Glendele

Glendele and Matthew Selznick also manage the Facebook page for Glendele’s obsession with a murderer, Wozniak. Several people in the Orange County community theater world and those who knew the victims have repeatedly had their comments deleted from Glendele’s Facebook page. Some people have been blocked. Most of the comments on Glendele’s Facebook page are negative. Some commenters call her “weirdo,” questioning why she wants to be friends with a “scumbag,” like Wozniak, offering various sorts of criticism against her for making a blog for Wozniak, and telling her she “should be ashamed.”

Once the Wozniak trial was underway and in the news, Glendele revealed the names of Wozniak and Buffet as well as Sam and Julie. She shared private information about Wozniak’s family and about Steve Herr, Sam’s father, even describing the scent of his cologne in one post. She has always been silent about who she is; yet, she allowed a post that identified her to remain on her Facebook page for Wozniak. The victims’ families know who she is and people in the theater community know who she is.

People who knew or know Glendele have not described her in positive ways and many want to remain private. One person said, “Please keep my name and identity private. I am extremely creeped out by this blogger’s behavior and do not want to be associated with her whatsoever.” One remark about Glendele was that “She will never give a straightforward approach to the case, as she is personally wrapped up in the fantasy and allure of her relationship with the blog’s subject.” A family member of a victim said to the effect that “Sam fought in combat defending Glendele’s right to free speech, so she has a right to have her blog.” The family members and friends of the victims are quick to share their disdain for Glendele’s tribute to the killer of their children.

Glendele’s Writing Pursuits

The “friendship” Glendele Way-Agle describes having with Daniel Wozniak did not begin until four years after he was incarcerated in Orange County jail to await his trial, ultimate conviction, and death sentence. Glendele tweeted about her enthusiasm that Wozniak accepted her friendship. She wrote about the process she went through to visit him in jail and the questions she had to answer about why it took her four years to visit him.

Glendele has said that she plans to write a book about her “relationship” with Wozniak. Since Matthew Selznick is helping Glendele with her blog and Facebook page and he has experience as an author, it seems likely that he will help Glendele with her book. Other authors are tackling the important story of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi. Steve Herr has said in various interviews that Sam and Julie need to be the focus and attention should not be given to Daniel Wozniak, Rachel Buffet, and Scott Sanders.

When more attention is given to the victims, then stories like the one Glendele Way-Agle wants to tell will get drowned out. In her blog, she has made it clear how she wants to portray heinous and brutal murderer, Daniel Wozniak, by saying, “Maybe Daniel would come off as the guy I know: funny, kind-of-dorky, genuinely remorseful, and hopeful that he can try to do something good with the rest of his life.”

Daniel Wozniak has never shown any remorse for his acts of murder. He killed a decorated combat veteran, Sam Herr, for his combat pay so that Wozniak could pay for his wedding and honeymoon. He killed a beautiful dancer, Julie Kibuishi, to stage a scene that implicated Sam Herr as a rapist and murderer in an attempt to cover-up the murder of Sam Herr. Wozniak dismembered Sam Herr and discarded Sam Herr’s body parts like garbage at the El Dorado Nature Center for wild animals to eat them.

Wozniak was never in serious trouble before the murders and people trusted him. These two facts make the acts of Wozniak more heinous than if he had a history of violent crimes. He now has a history of lying, betraying the trust of others, and murdering the people who trusted him the most. There is nothing in Wozniak that is redeemable. Glendele Way-Agle and Matthew Selznick are working together to showcase Wozniak as person worthy of acceptance and forgiveness in society.